Rabbit Netting
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Galvanized Finish 19g

600 mm high x 50m roll 19g

Imperial Measurements : (2ft x 164ft)
Code: ZR1(W12)

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The wire gauge (or "g") refers to the thickness of the wire. Although it is counter-intuitive, the lower the wire gauge number the thicker the wire is. For example, an 19g wire is thicker than a 20g wire.

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1050 mm high x 50m roll 19g

Imperial Measurements : (3ft 6 inch x 164ft)
Code: ZR4(W20)

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The wire gauge (or "g") refers to the thickness of the wire. Although it is counter-intuitive, the lower the wire gauge number the thicker the wire is. For example, an 19g wire is thicker than a 20g wire.

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1.2m high x 50m roll 19g

Imperial Measurements : (4ft x 164ft)
Code: ZR7(W25)

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The wire gauge (or "g") refers to the thickness of the wire. Although it is counter-intuitive, the lower the wire gauge number the thicker the wire is. For example, an 19g wire is thicker than a 20g wire.

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Our rabbit netting is made using Hot-dipped Galvanized wire which is then woven into netting. It is sourced from high quality manufacturers.

Rabbit netting has a 31mm hexagonal hole, which is the perfect size for keeping out rabbits. We offer the netting in a 600mm wide roll (ideal for use at the bottom of an existing fence), 1050mm wide roll (this is the industry standard for a standalone rabbit proof fence), and a 1.2m wide roll should you require a higher fence.

Rabbit netting is best installed using a 2mm or 2.5mm line wire top and bottom. Posts should be at 2.5m intervals. Ideally, you should bury around 150mm of netting to a 50mm depth at right angles to the fence, forming an "L" shape pointing in the direction of the rabbits. This "L" shape at the bottom of the fence creates a barrier should the rabbits attempt to burrow underneath the fence.


  • Material: Mild Steel.

  • Finish: Galvanized.

  • Hole size: 31mm (1.25 inch).

  • Wire thickness: 19 gauge (1mm).

  • Weight per square metre: approx. 440 grams.

  • Roll Heights: The heights of the rolls are manufactured to metric measurements. We have rounded up the imperial height conversions for simplicity. The accurate heights are as follows: 600mm (23.6 inch) high; 1050mm (41.3 inch) high; 1200mm (47.2 inch) high.

All measurements +/- 15%. If you require a micrometer reading of the wire thickness then please call us on 01782 820 970.

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What posts would you use for rabbit netting? Do you sell them? And how fix wire onto posts to hang netting on and what do you use to hang netting onto wire?

Thank you for the enquiry. The rabbit netting can either be stapled onto wooden posts, or you can use tie wire to attach the netting onto our metal T-section posts. We don’t supply wooden posts, but these can be sourced from a local timber yard.

In terms of which post type would be most suitable, if you are looking to tension line wire along the fencing (to add extra support to the netting, and to prevent the netting from bellowing out between posts) then I would suggest using wooden posts with strutted start and end posts. However, if you are simply looking for a post that can be driven into the ground in order to hold the netting upright then the T-section posts will be suitable.

From your below e-mail, it appears that you are planning to run straining wire, in which case you will require some eyebolts to tension the wire on the wooden posts, a hog ring plier with hog rings to attach your netting onto the tensioned wire, and a staple tacker to staple your netting onto the wooden posts. Please also see below an extract from our instructions for installing rabbit netting.

“For rabbit protection a galvanized wire netting with no bigger than a 31mm (hexagonal) hole should be used. To prevent rabbits from burrowing under the fencing we suggest that you dig a trench approximately 150mm deep by 200mm wide (6ins x 8ins).

The bottom 150mm (6ins) of the fencing should then be bent outward along the ground (forming a letter "L" shape), with the bottom of the “L” pointing to the exterior of the perimeter. This 150mm shelf will prevent the rabbits from tunneling their way under the fencing.

The fencing posts should be positioned at 2 to 3 metre intervals. To provide greater stability to the fence, line wire can be tensioned along the top, middle and bottom of the fence posts (the line wire can be tensioned using eyebolts).

The wire netting should then be secured to the first post (using staples if they are wooden posts), and unrolled along the tensioned line wire. Secure the netting to the line wire using either netting clips, cable ties, or the small hog ring pliers. You can then staple the netting to the posts as you go along. The trench should now be filled with the displaced earth to cover the “L” shaped shelf and bottom of the fencing.”

What gauge is the green pvc coated rabbit netting (before the pvc is applied)?

Thank you for the enquiry.

The galvanized core wire thickness on the green coated rabbit netting is marginally thinner than our 19g galvanized rabbit netting. To provide some context, the non-PVC coated 19g rabbit netting roll weighs 22kg, whereas the green PVC coated rabbit netting roll weighs 21kg.

Do you do rabbit netting with a square hole?

Thank you for your enquiry,

If you would like a square hole welded mesh, as opposed to a wire netting, then you can use 25mm x 25mm 19 gauge welded mesh.

This is a lightweight welded mesh, but the 1mm thick wire is strong enough to prevent rabbits from chewing through the mesh.

What is the difference please between your chicken wire netting and your rabbit netting. Both are hot dipped but prices seem to differ for similar sizes.

Thank you for the e-mail.

Essentially, rabbit netting and chicken netting are the same product i.e. a woven wire netting with a hexagonal hole. The reason that one type of wire netting is categorised as “rabbit netting” is because it is the correct hole size and wire thickness for keeping out rabbits i.e. 31mm hole with an 18 or 19 gauge wire.

If you use one of the other chicken netting options then it is not as effective as the rabbit netting (this is because the 50mm hole is slightly too big, and the 25mm hole netting has a slightly thinner wire thickness).

The chicken wire netting and rabbit netting is woven using hot dipped galvanized wire i.e. it is galvanized before weaving.


I'm thinking of buying some sort of mesh to stop my rabbits digging out of their runs and wondering if this would be suitable please? Thanks

Thank you for your enquiry.

Normally you would use the 31mm rabbit netting (this is also available in green) as the 13mm green wire netting is to thin a wire for rabbits and they may be able to chew through it.

Do you sell rabbit netting higher than 1.2m?

Dear Claire,

Thank you for your enquiry.



Thanks, arrived yesterday and thanks for changing the order and reimbursing the £5 difference. - by R.W from Denbigh

Very Pleased

Very pleased with product, price and service.

Thank you.
- by C.T from Sudbury

Fast and reliable service

Good Morning,

Wire arrived safely yesterday....many thanks. Now at my allotment ready to be fitted today. Once again a fast and reliable service....will recommend you to all my friends on the allotments.
- by R.L from Yorkshire

Bunny free territory

Thank you for advice and supply of mesh wire, green posts etc. I can confirm that after a weekend of hard toil (!) we have erected something which I proudly consider a fortress and boundary walk today confirmed 24 hrs of "bunny free territory"!
(I would enhance your day by sending a photo of our exciting labours but too exhausted to wander up garden to take photo!) - by A.M. from Suffolk

Excellent Service

Excellent service, turned up this morning. Thanks very much - by J.L from Polegate

Prompt Service

Thank you for such prompt service. - by P.C from Gwynedd

Just little note to say BIG THANK YOU

Just little note to say BIG THANK YOU for your advice and help on the Rabbit problem we were have at our holiday home. - by S.S from Northampton

Prompt Service

Hi Thanks for your prompt service. - by P.D from Lancashire

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