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Wire gauge sizes

Uses for different Wire Gauges in Chicken Wire and Wire Mesh

Common uses of mesh and netting.

Less than 22 gauge -

Fine Stainless woven mesh:

Material and chemical filtration

22 gauge (0.7mm)

Chicken wire 13mm aperture:

Uses: Poultry enclosures and fruit cages, sculpting.

Fine welded or woven mesh:

Uses: Rodent protection and wild bird feeders.

20 gauge (0.9mm)

Chicken wire 25mm aperture:

Uses: Poultry enclosures, roof thatching, loft insulation mesh

19 gauge (1mm)

Chicken wire 50 mm aperture:

Uses: Poultry enclosures.

Rabbit netting 31 mm aperture:

Uses: Rabbit protection

Welded mesh 13mm – 25mm:

Uses: Small bird aviaries, pet rabbit runs etc.

18 gauge (1.2mm)

Uses: Poultry enclosures, rabbit protection (if 31mm hole netting)

Welded mesh 13mm – 25mm:

Uses: Small bird aviaries, pet rabbit runs etc.

16 gauge (1.6mm)

Welded mesh 13mm – 25mm:

Uses: Small bird aviaries, pet rabbit runs etc.

Welded mesh 13mm– 20 mm aperture

Uses: Rodent cages and parakeet aviaries.

Welded mesh 25mm aperture

Uses: Cat enclosures, squirrel protection,

Birds of Prey Aviaries. Tree guards.

Welded mesh 50mm aperture

Uses: Garden fencing. Small-dog enclosures.

Woven Stainless steel 6mm – 13mm.

Uses: Car radiator grills, filtration.

14 gauge (2mm)

Welded mesh 25mm - 50mm aperture.

Uses: Garden fencing. Medium-dog enclosures, fox protection,

Sheep, Deer & goat fencing.

12 gauge (2.5mm)

Welded mesh 50 mm aperture:

Uses: Security fencing, garden fencing,

large-dog enclosures, sheep, deer & goat fencing.

10 gauge (3mm)

Welded mesh 50mm aperture

Uses: Security fencing,

strong garden fencing, large-dog enclosures.

Owing to production methods, products within our website have the following tolerances on wire thickness.

Netting +/- 15%

Welded wire +/- 10%

Woven Wire +/- 5%

Many welded meshes can run out of square by 3-5%. This is common throughout the industry. If it is crucial that mesh is completely square please call as we do stock some European made meshes, which are made to more exacting standards.