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Wire Mesh 50mm x 50mm 14g
Wire Mesh 50mm x 50mm 14g 2.jpg.jpg 3.jpg.jpg

European Made 2mm Wire, Galvanized Before Welding

1.2m high x 25m roll

Imperial Measurements : (4ft x 82ft)
Code: DB1(W29)

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European made mesh. The wire gauge (or "g") refers to the thickness of the wire. Although it is counter-intuitive, the lower the wire gauge number the thicker the wire is. For example, a 14g wire is thicker than a 16g wire.

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£120.00inc VAT

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1.5m high x 25m roll

Imperial Measurements : (5ft x 82ft)
Code: DB2(W40)

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European made mesh. The wire gauge (or "g") refers to the thickness of the wire. Although it is counter-intuitive, the lower the wire gauge number the thicker the wire is. For example, a 14g wire is thicker than a 16g wire.

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£149.99inc VAT

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2m high x 12.5m roll

Imperial Measurements : (6ft 8 inch x 41ft)
Code: DB3(W25)

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European made mesh. The wire gauge (or "g") refers to the thickness of the wire. Although it is counter-intuitive, the lower the wire gauge number the thicker the wire is. For example, a 14g wire is thicker than a 16g wire.

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£104.99inc VAT

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Our 50mm x 50mm hole 14g welded wire mesh is manufactured in Europe, and has a high quality pre-galvanized finish i.e. the wire has been hot dipped galvanized before welding to protect the mesh from rusting. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for outdoor use.

This product is a medium-weight welded wire mesh with a square hole, and is the ideal choice for fox proof chicken enclosures. It is also a good option for enclosures for medium sized dogs, and for general garden use and fencing applications. The 14 gauge wire (approx. 2mm thick) makes the mesh stronger and more rigid than chicken wire netting or light-weight welded mesh. This mesh is European made to a very high standard.


  • Material: Mild Steel.

  • Finish: European pre-galvanized i.e. the wire has been hot dipped galvanized before welding to protect the mesh from rusting.

  • Hole size: 50mm (2 inch).

  • Wire thickness: 14 gauge (2mm).

  • Weight per square metre: Approx. 1000 grams.

  • Roll Heights: The heights of the rolls are manufactured to imperial measurements (feet and inches). We have rounded down the metric height conversions for simplicity. The accurate metric heights are as follows: 1016mm (40 inch) high; 1220mm (4ft) high; 1524mm (5ft) high; 2032mm (80 inch) high.

All measurements +/- 15%. If you require a micrometer reading of the wire thickness then please call us on 01782 820 970.

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Wire Mesh 50mm x 50mm 14g

Please could you let me know if it's possible to cut this product with ordinary wire-cutters or whether I will need to use a different tool? Also, does the product bend quite easily? For fox protection I want to secure it vertically to cover the foot of a fence and then bend it at a right-angle below the soil level to prevent the fox digging.

Hi Judith,

Thank-you for your e-mail.

A decent pair of wire cutters will cut the mesh. If you don’t have a pair, then I can recommend our diagonal wire cutters.

Although the mesh is reasonably rigid, you can still bend it by hand. As you suggest, bending the mesh at 90 degrees is a good option to act as a deterrent to the fox digging.

Kind regards,

Mesh Direct


I will only require a 10m roll of this product, can you provide this?

I'm building a small chicken coop on an allotment and would like to buy as cheaply as possible.

Thank you for your enquiry.

Unfortunately, we only supply the roll lengths available on the website i.e. 30m roll for the 1220mm wide netting, and 20m roll for the 1830mm wide netting.

As an alternative, we also offer some 12.5m rolls in our welded 14 gauge wire mesh which also offers excellent fox protection.

I want to create a deer fence along a line of trees about 100m long. Which of your products would you recommend for this application? I was thinking of 2m x 12.5m 50mm x 50mm 14g mesh - do you think this is appropriate?

Thank you for your e-mail.

The 50mm x 50mm 14g welded mesh should be suitable for keeping out deer. At 2 metres, this roll is sufficiently high and the 2mm thick wire provides a decent level of strength to the mesh. We also offer a high tensile plastic deer fencing which is lightweight but strong. The plastic deer fence would require tension wire to provide the mesh with structure.

hi there what posts are best for the dog mesh? thanks

Thank you for your enquiry. We stock green coated steel posts which need to be concreted into the ground. The dog mesh can be connected directly onto the posts with a clip tool and rings.

You may also wish to tension some 2.5mm line wire along the fence for added strength. In order to tension line wire, you will need to use strutted end posts which are available from our website and are sold complete with the neccesary fittings.
If using wooden posts you will need to add struts to the end posts and eye-bolts drilled through the end posts to tension the wire. You will also need a method of attaching the fencing to the line wire once it has been tensioned – you can use a clip-tool or hog-ring pliers with some hog-rings.


I currently have a huge galvanised chicken pen which has pvc coated mesh -fairly heavy duty (all came as a kit) however the foxes chewed through the wire mesh so I need to re enforce it all and not sure what grade or size of mesh I will need so the foxes can\'t chew through it.

Many thanks

Good Morning,

We have two different sizes of mesh that will both fox proof your chicken enclosure.

The galvanised welded mesh 25mm x 25mm (16 gauge) and also the welded mesh 50mm x 50mm (14 gauge).

I have just bought a 12.5 Meter roll of 50mm mesh fencing from you.

Just two things: First: delivery speed and quality were/are brilliant.

Second: it is 2" mesh not 50 mm so I have had to re-drill all the location holes for this netting.

I wish you had specified it was 2 inch on the web, and I could have worked accordingly

Dear Mr Smith,

Thank you for the e-mail.

It is usual with wire mesh hole sizes to refer to the 2” x 2” welded mesh as 50mm x 50mm. Given that the metric conversion of 2” is 50.8mm, this measurement is typically rounded down to 50mm. However, I’m sorry that the slight variance between the metric and imperial measurement has caused you an inconvenience with your drilling.

We very much appreciate your feedback, and as a result I will add the imperial measurements into the product information on the website. We currently only state the imperial hole size at the hole size selection page.

I wondered length per length which is heavier, your fox-proof wire netting or the welded mesh?

Thank you for your e-mail.

The fox proof wire netting (40mm hole, 1.4mm thick wire) will be lighter than the welded mesh. We have had this netting specially made with foxes in mind, and the 1.4mm wire is too thick for the foxes to chew through.

The 14 gauge welded mesh is also an excellent product for fox protection (this has a 2mm thick wire). Either option should be suitable for your application.

Hi, We already have a wooden fence but I'm wanting to get some kind of wire mesh to put against the fence so our new dog can't dig under it? Would this be a good material to use or would something like chicken wire be suffice? The dog is a medium sized dog.

Thank you for the enquiry.

The 50mm x 50mm 14 gauge welded mesh is a good product for dog enclosures, and is a lot stronger than chicken wire netting. Depending on whether or not the mesh is intended to simply be a deterrent, or whether your dog is likely to attempt to break through the mesh then it may be possible to use a lighter weight material (given that the mesh also has the support of the existing wooden fencing). However, if your dog is likely to try to break through the mesh then I would suggest that the stronger welded mesh would be more appropriate.

I am looking for something to fit under my plastic sheet roof on my owl pens for extra security like plastic mesh or metal mesh what would you suggest please?

Thank you for the e-mail.

The appropriate hole size may depend on the type of owl, however we have sold mesh to other owl keepers on a number of occasions. Who have typically had 50mm x 50mm hole 14 gauge welded mesh from us

Can you supply mesh cut to size?

We do have a cutting service for many of our meshes. We have minimum order quantity depending on the product, generally around 30 pieces. Please let me know your exact requirement (size and quantity) and I will be happy to quote.

This galvanised mesh looks like what I need to puppy proof my garden. what fence posts would I need to buy to fit it to and how many for a 17m stretch of garden?

Dear Catriona,

Thank-you for the enquiry.

In terms of posts, we can offer two options, as follows:

Option 1: Metal t-section posts

This is a steel post designed to be driven into the ground. For a 1m high fence you would need the 1500mm long post, or for a 1.2m high fence you would need the 1750mm long post. I would suggest a post every 1.5 to 2m (therefore, 10 to 12 posts for a 17m run). You can secure the mesh to the posts by wiring it on with some of our 1mm thick tie wire, alternatively you could use cable ties, which we have available in either plastic or stainless steel.

The t-section post is a driving post, and so can be driven into the ground. This can be the preferred approach where the fence is positioned right up against a hedge, where it is difficult to dig holes to concrete posts in.

Option 2: Tubular steel posts

If you would prefer to concrete your posts in, then we also offer our European made green powder coated tubular post system. You will need to bury these posts and concrete them into the ground. The mesh can be clipped directly onto the spine of the post using our FP20 single clip tool (you need the single clip tool rather than the auto-loading tool), and a packet of hog rings.

Please note, that we only offer this post system in a green finish. Therefore, you may wish to use our green PVC coated welded mesh if you decide on this post system (we offer a medium-weight green mesh with a 75mm x 50mm hole, or a heavy-weight mesh with a 50mm x 50mm hole).

Kind regards,

Mesh Direct


Thank you

I wanted to thank you for getting the mesh out to me so quickly. - by L.U from Chaldon

Excellent service

Thank you for your excellent service. - by M.L. from Bishops Waltham

Great service

Thanks very much, wire arrived ok. great service. - by C.B.from Bath

Speedy Delivery

Thank you for the speedy delivery!
Excellent product from you and will be appreciated once installed.

- by R.D from Exter

Excellent product

Thank you for the excellent product and service. - by P.B. from West Malling

Fantastic service

What a fantastic service! Delivered an excellent product within 24 hours of order. RX driver also very professional. Many thanks from a happy customer - by K.P. from Wellington

Efficient Service

Thank you all, once again, for a brilliantly efficient service. It really is much appreciated ! - by B.H from Bristol

Great Service

Thank you ! Great service - by S.E from Heathfield

Arrived Safley

Many thanks.

Everything has arrived safely (in the pouring rain!)
- by P.B from Somerset

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